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La Caramella

In the heart of Natural Parc of Els Ports.
Seven rafts of water and a waterfall, hidden at the base of the ‘Els Ports ’Natural Park’ where water is the protagonist and one ‘Forat’ that crosses the rock.

Basses de la Caramella

This is the easy way to visit La Caramella ravine. One of the few corners of Els Ports where water is the protagonist. This includes the waters of the Racó de la Gralla ravine and the La Caramella ravine that gives it its name. It is a spectacular natural setting, where in the 19th century, the engineer Carvallo was in charge of building small reservoirs to move the waters to Tortosa.
The result is a journey between small waterfalls and crystalline ponds that are a gift for the senses and that leaves no one indifferent.

2,6 km | + 126 m / - 126 m | 2h | Linear | Easy

Basses de la Caramella
Roca del Migdia

Forat de l'Aire

Caramella ravine can be visited easily and not so easily. This is not so easy. Leaving Carvallo, an engineer who channeled the water from La Caramella to Tortosa, we will go up to the head of the ravine and arrive at one of the emblematic peaks of the territory, the Mola Castellona. Throughout this excursion many times you will feel very close to the sky, enjoying an unbeatable perspective of the ravine and the Ebro valley. And it is when you go down when you will feel the vertigo and the impossibility of going down there where the road is seen, where a hidden passage awaits us, El Forat de l'Aire (air hole). The name does not deceive.
In this exit we can find wild goats and we will be able to observe the vultures that usually make the nests in the steep walls. You can not lose this!

8,6 km | + 982 m / - 982 m | 5h | Circular | Difficult